Wings, fur, curled up feet

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Wings, fur, curled up feet

June 29, 2017

The faithful worker bees
Had paused for a moment to drink and reflect
-And from here slipped into slumber deep. 
We climbed in eagerly,
Soaking exhausted bones,
Frozen feet burning with warmth's sweet kiss
Tiny bodies swirling around us
Wings, fur, curled up feet.
They had paused too long,
Perhaps drunk on nectar,
They had slipped. 
Or perhaps, 
Restless with the hive mind
They claimed their only escape.
To float in the infinite
To spiral in ripples of unknown
To curl up, small, lifeless
And be gently, lovingly lifted up
In angels' hands
Caught ever so softly
Our sorrow arisen
And for a moment
Of our own mortality reminded
- then they were flung away
to decompose elsewhere.
Somewhere more convenient. 
"Let's make a bee grave"
We mused, wishing to be respectful.
As eulogy we talked of hive minds and sacrifice
Of the selfless, tireless work of the bee. 
Thank you, 
For the honey
For this cup
Of tea.

Pesticides,  our chemical concoctions, are weakening bees immune systems and are a huge factor in Colony Collapse Disorder. Make some difference by choosing to buy organic food, buy from local farmers markets, plant some bee food wild flowers in your garden, or add your voice to the petitions (some relevant petitions here and here) to ban the nastier of the chemicals (neonicotinoids) in our farming system. Click here for ABC news article and here for Save the Bees Australia.

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