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The wheels on the bus...

August 24, 2017

Today I learnt something. I often extrapolate my life's events into little metaphors, teachings or symbols. Do you do that? I suppose it's a side effect of reading too many books. Here's what happened:

When I'm in Hamilton, New Zealand, I often do relief work at a Kindergarten. To get to the particular one I was working at today, I take two buses. One goes most of the way there, the other completes the journey. Anyway, today the second bus drove past me. I signalled and it drove past. Something similar had happened yesterday so I grumped and grouched and left angry feedback on the bus company's facebook page. I had never fully realised how unreliable our bus system could be until I had the contrast of Melbourne's amazing public transport system. Of course, many Melbournites believe their bus system is terrible and unreliable too. The trains and trams are always preferable; their tracks give them certainty and solidity. 
Anyway, the point is, after a while of grumping and waiting for the next bus and knowing I would be late to work AGAIN; I realised it shouldn't be far to walk. Google told me how to get there and, sure enough, I got there early. 

This realisation set me to pondering. When the current systems in place, the systems available to me, aren't working in my favour, instead of pounding my head against a brick wall, instead of constantly being late to work because of an ineffective bus system; why not find another way. An easier way, a better way. Perhaps it's less lazy. Perhaps it requires a bit more fitness. And in doing so will increase my fitness; happy side effects for the win! Perhaps it's an older way, one that existed before the current ways of today. 
In any case; it works better. Less stress, less worry, better outcome.




... But Macaila, what are you getting at? What could you possibly be talking about? Patreon! I made a Patreon :) 

Patreon is like a crowdfunding site. Except, instead of one donation for a brilliant project, it's a regular ongoing donation- think of it as sponsoring an artist. Investing, as it were. This donation may be for each project they complete. Or it may be a monthly donation- I chose for mine to be a monthly donation. Mostly because I like the security of that. Contributions will automatically be given to the artist on the first of the month. And in return, the sponsor gets cool rewards! This can be anything from access to exclusive content to free downloads to cheap concert tickets. Amanda Palmer often hangs out with her Patreon supporters, and gives them free tickets to events. She uses Patreon to connect more closely with her audience and to support herself in making "things". 

So I've decided to open up to allowing contributions from my friends, family and greater community- it's actually quite scary to do. To open up to anyone who enjoys my music and the "things" that I do, and would like more, as well as more behind the scenes interaction/exclusive content access/to be part of the online community. I welcome your support, to help me stay Brave and continue striving, and that we may go on this journey together. 


My reward tiers start at $1 a month. So if you want to support me, and be part of this community, but are feeling rather financially burdened, this is the tier for you! There's also a 'follow' option on Patreon (by the part that says how many Patrons I have- you can follow without making a donation) to keep in the know of what I'm up to. Join me on social media, instagram, facebook, youtube; join me on my journey.


Have a peruse of my page, have a peruse of other patreon pages, go ahead; some people are doing some amazing things! PLEASE give me gentle suggestions and ideas that you have- I'm very open to changing how I've set things up to suit all of you better. Want cooler rewards? Got awesome stuff in mind? Let me know! :)


There's me with Wai and Lott; my NZ band the Goth and the Pixie minus Albert. We're stoked. Not coz he's not there.. Because our album is almost ready! More on that later :)

Thank you for reading this far! Much love,
Macaila :)


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