Spotify and the death of the Goth and the Pixie

May 8, 2019

May 26, 2018

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April 23, 2019

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Spotify and the death of the Goth and the Pixie

April 1, 2018

HALLO! I haven’t written in a little while. But I HAVE been doing things. Many things. A wide wide variety. For instance, yesterday I drove a digger. I moved some soil and some rocks. I almost flipped the digger over at one point cos it was quite precariously perched on a slope. I’ve been urged to change my profession to that of digger driving. Not bad for someone who doesn’t even have a driver’s licence ;) 


! And, as you know, I have been taking these webcam videos of my originals for y’all to get a glimpse to. Performed with Whiskey Dram at ‘Wall to Wall’ street art festival. Went to WOMAD :3 call it musical education.


But also, I put the Goth and the Pixie album ‘Bag of Ants’ onto Spotify ! It’s on a tonne of other streaming services too, so if you have a different preferred service, look us up in the search bar and see if it’s on there.








 Thanks Distrokid :)


Also, alas, the Goth and the Pixie are now an ex-band. They have ceased to be. I’m not even sure if you’ll believe me after all our ‘final concert’s and ‘final final concert’s of 2016 - after which we released an album so.. I’m not even sure I believe me but it seems pretty final.


Here's a live video of our Hamilton album launch in the Meteor Theatre. 



I could pin the split on musical differences but it’s a little cliché.


Instead I’ll tell you all a story. See, there was a little bug, and it crawled into one of the band members ears and it said ‘that other band member over there, see that one, yup, they like asparagus even more than you do’ and the band member, let’s call them band member number one (though not because they are any better or like asparagus any more than any of the others), was positively irate. Have you seen a positively irate person before? It’s quite a difficult combination to achieve, as they spout the most positive side of their anger; “OH ladidah, well you’ll have a most delicious meal, and I suppose if you love asparagus that much more than me you might grow lots and possibly accidentally have some left over that I might be able to also possibly partake in! And at least your toileting will smell worse than mine so no one can pin it on me anymore and –“ you get the picture. Lots of positivity. Unfortunately all this positivity and anger did not quite lend itself to writing songs or performing well together – there was a tension in the band building.

THEN the same little bug crawled on to another band member, band member two let’s call them (though not because they are in any way less than the first band member or at all less interested in asparagus, let’s keep that straight), and the bug gave band member number two a big squeeze on the behind! Band member number two turned around in surprise and saw that band member number three (by no means any less than band members numbers two and one, or at all less interested in the gus) was right behind them. Band member number two blushed and stammered ‘Why, band member number three, if you had of only asked’, but of course number three was awkwardly unaware as to what number two had just experienced. Number three smiled a mild and oblivious smile. Number two began to get seriously uncomfortable with the lack of consent behind said grope. And tension grew even further.

Performances began to lack the initial spark and mutual respect that had nurtured the Goth and the Pixie through their early days. At their final concert of 2017, Wellington’s Valhalla, the bug crawled onto Number Three’s shoulder. It was at this point that it was first sighted. Band member Number 4 gave a shout, flailing out of reflexive fear, and walloped Number Three over the head with their own instrument, shattering it. The bug had disappeared in the carnage – and so had whatever remained of the Goth and the Pixie’s spirit.


There you have it, a tale of deception and manipulation by one of Earth’s tiniest creatures.


<-- Reconstruction of what the bug may or may not have looked like. Don't trust that smile.


So. Uh,. Check out the album on Spotify, give us a follow, and you’ll be told when we have any more content or gigs coming up – which may or may not be never. You never know :) And neither do we, life has continuously shown us. 


Still curious to know more about the Goth and the Pixie? Click here for an interview we did with Hamilton Uunderground Press before our album launch - and check out this Youtube Playlist for all things Goth and Pixie. 



Also, here's a picture from when Mat Morgan and Tyller Fischer came to visit me in NZ earlier this year. We did a show together and it was pretty damn rad. 

 Photo credit to Simon Travaglia. 


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