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Black Friday

April 14, 2018

It was Black Friday yesterday. Friday the 13th. Which has become a promotion for the #metoo and #metooNZ movement - wear a black shirt, show that you are supporting a change in our culture. There are lots of discussions beginning around workplace sexual harassment. I am so glad this movement started and is gaining traction! Here is a song I wrote two years ago as a response to my own metoo experiences. It is unlikely to be triggering for anyone (though please let me know if it is so I can include a trigger warning), it's one of my happier songs! It's about connection and seeing people as the souls underneath the bodies which case them. 

The repeated phrase 'breathe deep' refers to breathing deep to relax and connect into a moment. One of the symptoms of my anxiety is that my chest becomes tight and I find it difficult to breathe - indeed, I forget to or subconsciously try not to as a way of stopping myself from feeling sadness and panic. If I become too anxious I disconnect (a form of dissociation) and cannot focus on the words others are saying - it's like a static comes down and my brain freezes. Breathing deep allows me to connect to myself - and to connect to others and the world around me. 


Aside from this more personal and literal meaning, I think of a hongi. In case you're not aware, a hongi is a Māori greeting where the noses and foreheads are pressed together and both participants breathe out. This breath out 'ha' is known as the breath of life. It is a very connecting and beautiful greeting; though surely terrifying in many respects!


On another note, I'm learning things! I learnt how to edit the video a bit better - see, the quality of the picture has improved from the other stuff I put on Youtube. And today I learnt where to put a mic on a guitar for recording. I'm pretty bad with technology. I grew up outside, climbing trees. YouTube is my friend. It has lots of great advice. All this learning helps me to better share things with you lovely beings, and to promote my music. 


I rather enjoy having control of the recording process. I'll have to keep on learning - it's what life is about after all, right? 


Also, I've started to write a short poem a day for Twitter (hopefully, but not always, within Twitter's character limits). Check them out at 'HeyitsMacaila'. And Broken Ties will be on Itunes and Spotify in a couple of days :3 Check out the Goth and the Pixie's album if you haven't already!


As always, support me on Patreon - $1 a month will let you in on lots of stories, poems, ideas, and videos. Perhaps I'm selling myself a little cheap there, but I wanted to be inclusive ;)


I hope you have a lovely day folks! 

-Pixie out!-


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