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A Quiet Thing!

April 18, 2018

Broken Ties is on Spotify now!

It's a little bit quiet. 

I'm not sure how to make it louder. I think it's just the way I recorded it. But if you listen with headphones you'll be all good.

I recorded this in the basement studio we made in our house back in 2014 - 2015; where Wairehu, Rabbit and I lived in the downstairs and Rachel, Jake, Patrick and Matt lived in the upstairs. Being that we were all musicians and, with the exception of Rabbit, we were all part of the Volume Collective, we pooled gear and made a pretty decent studio. It made for quite the productive creative space.


I was real proud of this because I recorded it all myself (except the drums) and pretty much did all the mixing by myself too (with the occasional tip from Wai). AND at one point Jake and Patrick wandered into the studio and Patrick started playing the drum. He was just a 1 year old and it was the perfect ambiance. So I recorded it, and Jake got a video and I thought it would be the best music video but of course somehow the video got lost haaaaaa


Here's Patrick and I on the drums at Diggers (which is now Biddies - it moved)

Broken Ties is about family ties and rifts. It was something a friend said to me shortly after Olivia passed away- "It's not about blood but the love that we share". It doesn't matter if you are blood-related family or not, it's how you treat someone, the love we show to each other, which counts and is most important. 


This song is about a rift with an abusive family member, about rejection-based control techniques, about the heartache of knowing it will probably never become the loving and respectful relationship that I wish it was- that it will probably never become an actual relationship again. Rather, stay this very very distant strained something. This whispers-through-family-members game.


How much will someone miss out on? If they hold onto their wounded pride? When they try this hard not to feel the guilt of past actions, try not to accept the responsibility, but put blame onto everyone else instead? It could be a whole lifetime. I wonder what they could achieve if they put that same willpower to work into healing themselves. Something beautiful, I'm sure.


It's a sad song. A quiet sad song. And it's yours, for free! Streamable sadness. I give the best gifts huh? It's downloadable from Soundcloud too!


Wanna know a little more about this song? Get a little more of a glimpse by supporting me on Patreon :) 


-Pixie Out! -





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